Laura Knight Photography | About

" I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it". Pablo Picasso

I believe this to be true in my approach to photographing the world around me. I am particularly drawn to the world of nature, which is available in abundance for us to observe, enjoy and from which we can learn a great deal. All of life as it plays out before us has the potential for a grand photographic image. What I focus on and end up capturing represents my passion and selectivity regarding subject matter, as well as the photographic skills that brought it about.

Following a long professional and business career I have followed a deeply held passion for photography, which over the years has only increased in strength. I am largely self taught and have been actively trying to make good images for many years, however with each passing year I begin to realize how much I have to learn and that it is all about continual practice. My pursuit of photography has become a way of life based on self-imposed education and observation, with each phase a transition from one level to the next. For me this journey is a process to which there is no end. It is a lot like golf, very hard to perfect and once in a while you get lucky.

For me, photography is the expression of the subtle nuances of observation and thought, partnered with reality and technology in a way that evokes emotions and conveys ideas. I am inspired by works of art created by photography professionals, such as the simple and orderly black and white compositions of Michael Kenna; the incredible images of Dorothea Lange; the natural light photography of Vincent Versace and William Neill and the fine art images created by Tony Sweet. 

I was born and educated in Australia and lived and worked for several years in Europe. I have been in the United States since 1980 and with my husband live in Windermere, Florida; Hendersonville, North Carolina and Bowral, N.S.W Australia.